Guidance for Departments

Departments and offices within the university should take steps in order to assure fair and equal access to university services, facilities, and functions.

The following are specific steps which can be taken in order to assure this:


Provide staff training on how to provide assistance to persons with disabilities.  Train staff to explain services to customers. Assign responsibility for assisting persons with disabilities to an individual in your unit as part of their regular duties. Seek specialized training for this person if necessary. Ensure that trained staff is available during hours that services are provided. Staff needs to be knowledgeable on the location of the nearest reserved parking spaces, disability access with curb cuts to the door, wheelchair accessible elevators, drinking fountains and restrooms.


Departments should include an accommodation statement in publications inviting participation in University-sponsored events.  Publicity for events should notify potential attendees how to request information or request accommodations.  The following are examples of suggested language:

  • Special Assistance: If you have a disability and need assistance, special arrangements can be made to accommodate most needs.
  • If you are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation to [language can be specific:  attend this performance, participate in this conference, attend this seminar, participate in this event, etc.] please contact [office name and/or phone number of event sponsor] at least [number of weeks/days depending on how much advance notice there is regarding the event] in advance of this event.  Please be aware that advance notice is requested as some accommodations may require time for the University to arrange.

Assign responsibility to an individual to monitor planning for and managing during the event for adherence to ADA requirements. Train staff to respond to any request for accommodation, and assign staff to be responsible for this issue.

Identify parking areas, curb cuts and entrances, accessible fountains and restrooms for persons with disabilities.

If food or beverages are served, review food service provided to include services for persons with disabilities.

Access to Facilities

If your unit has a reception or customer service area that includes a service counter, the counter should include an accessible service point for a person in a wheelchair.  Either find an alternative point of service or modify counter to meet ADA requirements.

Make sure that evacuation plans are posted with your unit's space and include information for persons with disabilities.  Ensure that evacuation procedures, including procedures for persons with disabilities, are posted. Train building supervisors and safety personnel to provide appropriate assistance when needed.

Make sure that someone in your unit responsible for monitoring accessibility of space and keeping abreast of changes in requirements regarding physical accessibility.  Assign this responsibility to an individual in your unit as part of their regular duties. Seek specialized training for this individual if necessary.

Service animals must be permitted in all areas except in unusual circumstances. Contact Office of Institutional Equity for assistance, 812-855-7559.

Electronic Media

Web pages and electronic documents should be designed to be accessible to people with disabilities. Pages should conform to Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG2.0). The User Experience Office can provide information regarding accessible design, and accessibility reviews of websites.


Make sure any employee medical records are kept in a restricted access file.  By law, records must be separately kept. Remove medical records and develop a separate filing system for medical records. Review policies and procedures to ensure only those providing services have access to medical records.

Make sure that opportunity listings and related materials maintained by your unit are accessible to persons with disabilities.  Develop multiple locations for this information such as ringed binders, web site listings, or alternative formats. Either provide materials in alternate formats, such as large print for job/internship listings or bulletin board displays, or know where to get alternative formats if requested.